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Our Dial-A-Lift is available

Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

To use this service the passenger must become a member, live in the rural Magherafelt district area, and have difficulty accessing everyday services due to lack of transport.


  • Shopping or personal business

  • Some local health services/Local pharmacy

  • Post office or banking

  • Training or employment 

  • Visiting family or friends

What Can Dial-A-Lift be used for?


Door-to-Door option for individuals living in rural areas of the Mid Ulster District Council.  All members registered must pay an annual membership fee. 

  • Members who retain a valid smart-pass can use this on this particular service enabling free or half fare transport but concessionary travel is only permitted three times per week maximum.

  • This service operates Monday through Friday 8am until 6pm.

  • Rates; Single Fare

    • 0-5 miles   -  £3.00

    • 5-10 miles  -  £4.00

    • 10-15 miles -  5.00

    • 15-20 miles - £6.50

    • 20-25 miles - £7.50

For more information click the link for our Dial-A-Lift Charter

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