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Meals "WITHIN" Wheels

Out & About Community Transport starts Meal delivery service.

Meals "WITHIN" Wheels

Words By Staff Reporter @ Mid Ulster Mail
Thursday, 11 June 2020

When George Shiels from Curragh Community Development Associations approached Out & About Community Transport and the Mid Ulster Volunteer Centre about starting a meals project in mid-April no one had any idea of just how successful the initiative would be. The Meals project has grown week on weak during lockdown, starting with 49 on the first day to 103 meals which went out last Saturday- 1,000 meals have now been delivered to the needy. The project also provides so much more in a time when vulnerable people within the local community are isolated, lonely and fear what may lie beyond their front doors. Staff form the organizations involved contact members every Monday to advise them of the menu for Wednesday and Saturday, which changes weekly, but the phone call doesn't end there.
Members are asked how they are doing, have they got all they need and basically just have the opportunity to have a chat with a friendly and familiar voice on the end of the line, which can mean the world when no on else is calling.

Ashley Keane, manager with Out & About Community Transport said; "It's unbelievable how much the members look forward to the weekly call from our staff. Lockdown and self isolation has been extremely difficult for many of our members who were so used to getting out and about with our rural transport service so this new initiate is going some way to alleviate the anxieties of the current lockdown situation."
The project has also provided the opportunity to join forces with local businessman Jonathan Crawford and his team in Maghera. Jonathan has been extremely helpful and rose to the challenge of supplying more than 200 wholesome meals every week.
So much excellent work takes place behind the scenes from all the staff involved in the project.
If you or someone you know could benefit from this meal service please call 028 79300123.

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